Do your fireplaces have any guarantee?

Yes, all fireplaces sold on our website are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Most manufacturers we work with offer a 12-months and more warranty on their products, excluding accessories and ex-display items. We are confident that the products we supply are of high quality and that you will be happy with them. We also believe in providing the highest standard of customer service and products free from manufacturer's faults in performance or appearance.

If a product develops a fault within the manufacturer's warranty period, please contact the manufacturer directly. Some of the manufacturers offer online warranty registration, you can find this information on our website:

Please note that misusing your fireplace (for example: overfilling ethanol fireplace with fuel or using the wrong fuel with a higher percentage of alcohol) will void your warranty and you will not be eligible for a replacement. Make sure to read the product manual before you start using your fireplace.

To check the warranty on a particular item, click on the warranty tab on the product page.

Modern Blaze also offers extended warranties on most items. These warranties offer full replacement and cover your product after the manufacturer's warranties expire. There are 1, 2, and 3-year terms available. Learn more: Extended Warranty

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