What are the differeneces between the Amantii Panorama Slim and the Remii?

  • Both feature the vibrant Fire & Ice flame set presentation but with a difference in color options: AMANTII PANORAMA SLIM 60″ BUILT-IN INDOOR /OUTDOOR ELECTRIC FIREPLACE (BI-60-SLIM) has two flame Sets, while REMII EXTRA SLIM INDOOR/OUTDOOR FRAMELESS BUILT-IN ELECTRIC FIREPLACE has three light strips. The Amantii models change from blue to purple to Violet to Golden flames while the Remii line has yellow, orange, blue, violet, and rose color options.
  • Both can operate the Flame with or without heat: With Remii, heat is vented out of the front and moves downwards - safe to install under a TV.
  • Both safe for outdoor use: Amantii models need to be purchased with an outdoor cover. Remii does not come with an outdoor cover, however, the manufacturer recommends installing some sort of protection, like an awning, if installed outdoors.

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