Patio Comfort

  • What is infrared heat used in Patio Comfort heaters?

    Infrared heat is an energy form similar to the sun's rays warming the earth. Infrared rays are part of the visible light spectrum and travel at 186,000 miles per second in a straight line without loss of heat traveling through the air. The infrared rays can be focused by the material that has a r...
  • What is the recommended clearance for Patio Comfort heaters?

    This is very important. The basic clearance from combustible materials for freestanding portable heaters is 18" from top of reflector and 24" from the side of the reflector. Do not place these heaters near any sprinkler systems.
  • What is the warranty on Patio Comfort?

    Residential warranty: 1-year Commercial warranty: 120 days
  • Why buy a propane patio heater?

    Portability and flexibility of placement are key advantages to a propane powered heater. No installation costs. After a patio is completed it can be expensive to install natural gas or electric heaters so propane-fueled heater provides a viable solution. Always check your local codes and ordinanc...
  • Why Patio Comfort vs. Others?

    Patio Comfort heaters is an AEI Exclusive product line. We designed the line and it is an excellent "medium duty" heater that is better than any other heater available today with the exception of Sunglo. Patio Comfort has a heavy duty 400 series stainless steel burner, one-piece anodized aluminum...