What if the box has no visible damage but I discovered that the unit is damaged upon unboxing?

Please report the damage to us within 24 hours. This is why you highly encourage you to open and inspect the item as soon as it gets delivered for hassle-free returns and replacements. For heavier and bulkier items that are delivered by freight, it is imperative to make a note on the delivery receipt. If the box has no signs of any visible damages or if you didn't have the chance to open the box and thoroughly check, write "Subject to concealed damage" on the delivery receipt, then sign.

Modern Blaze will assume responsibility for the cost of repairs or replacement of damaged items under the following conditions:

  • The damage or the missing items are clearly noted on the delivery receipt (for freight shipments)
  • The damage or the missing items are reported within 24 hours

Please visit our Shipping policy to learn more.

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